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Legal Steroid Alternatives

November 29th 1990, former President Bush made steroid possession the same as possessing Cocaine!

Then a friend of mine got busted with a 90-day cycle and was accused of trafficking! At first we thought this was joke, after all it was just a 90-day cycle for personal use. Then he got hit with a big fine and went to jail for putting on some mass! This was no joke! The problem was they looked at it by the same standards of Cocaine possession and the only reason you have that much Cocaine in your possession was for distribution.

He is out now but it all really messed up his life. Let me tell you, do not go there! I decided it is not worth going to jail over. So I looked for every angle I could find, tons of protein, different workout attack plans, and extensive supplementation. I tried tons and tons of supplements!

It was getting to the point where I was ready to give up and then a friend told me about Anabolics Mall.

My first thought was another rip off Supplement Company. But I tried their Ecdy-Bolin. I dropped the fat I was carrying and added 10 lbs of muscle! OK, I was impressed (I do not impress easily)!

A couple of months ago they released Andro-Shock, so I tried it. Let me tell you something, this guy is a genius! After my first week, I was at the supermarket and jumped on one of those scales by the pharmacy. I thought it was broken, it said I was weighing in at 226lbs. Now I weigh myself every week and I know a week ago I was 220 lbs so when I got home I jumped on the scale. It was correct I jumped 6 lbs in a week!

I am now 230 lbs and I am just over 2 weeks into my 4-week cycle. I have found the answer! If an old dog like me can get the gains it will work for anyone! The site I buy the stuff at also has a Fitness Advisor that really knows their stuff. He told me tricks that I never heard of!

The bottom line is you want the gains right? If you can get serious guaranteed gains without going to jail or dying we all win. Legal Steroid Alternatives Check it out and thank me later.

Be Relentless,
Muscle Mike

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